Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring - How & Where to Use It?

July 06, 2020 4 min read

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring - How & Where to Use It?

While the majority of homeowners would want the charming, value-increasing wood flooring in their houses, a significant amount is still afraid of investing in it. Mostly because of the price, difficulty to install, durability, and weak resistance to humidity and temperature. But luckily, modern type of wood-mimicking materials like vinyl can offer all those features, while being virtually identical to actual wood plates. The wood effect vinyl flooring has all the benefits of engineered materials while having the design appeal of classic style wood.

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a modern, engineered type of material that removes deficiencies of natural wood, while still being able to look like the real thing. It's a plank-shaped material that is 100% synthetic and made out of four layers. The backing layer is the closest to the floor, it's followed by the core layer made out of high-density solid vinyl made to resist water and last. The printed vinyl later comes next and carries the design, while the last, wear layer, protects the floor.

Pros & Cons For Vinyl Flooring

The Pros:

Vinyl is mostly confused and compared with laminate, although they are different in most things besides installation technique and possibly design. As vinyl is synthetic, and so protected, it's perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as it is resistant to temperature and water, the two big enemies of natural wood. Kitchen flooring vinyl-made can be treated like ceramic or stone flooring, as it shares more characteristics with these materials than with wood. Vinyl wood flooring is easy to install with two types of techniques available:the click lock, where planks are connected like puzzles, glue down vinyl flooring, which is pretty self-explanatory. The wood effect vinyl flooring comes in many natural designs, and the actual material wasn't created only to combat water and Celsius.
SILVERY CLAY PLF4262GD Herringbone Vinyl Plank
Durable, and capable of withstanding heavy traffic, it's comfortable under the feet and reduces noise, which should be imperative for all living in apartments. Especially people with children and pets. Also, the heavy traffic is the reason why it is used in bars and restaurants. Even more so as wood effect vinyl flooring requires less maintenance than laminate or similar materials.

The Cons:

The cons are that vinyl can be susceptible to sun damage, so it's not advised for outdoors use. It's worth noting that the installation of vinyl flooring requires a spotless base layer, as all indentations will show by raising the planks. Features of vinyl wood flooring, along with the numerous design options, make this material suitable for both personal and professional spaces.

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring Ideas for the House

  1. Pastel Vinyl Flooring

Lighting up the home can be done from the ground up and easily with this Pastel Blanc vinyl flooring planks.Pastel Blanc PLF4252 Clicl Lock Flooring Plank Easy to combine with both furniture and the wall paint. These types of patterns enable the homeowner to have the refreshing light palate inside the home, while not having to obsessively clean the floor every day as the design hides it well.

2. Classic parquet

What says a home more than a warm-coloured replica of classic parquet. Warm Hessian PLF4256 Click Lock Plank

But vinyl, so it can even go in the bathroom, achieving a singular vibe throughout the house, not having the washroom appear so cold as is the case with stone and ceramic ones. Even though it mimics the old style of parquet, confusingly modern, minimalist interior designs can be achieved with Warm Hessian vinyl wood flooring.

3. The greys in the classic browns

A middle ground between the Pastel Blanc and Warm Hessian, Pure Oyster vinyl flooring is a solution for grandiose, authoritative, and contemporary homes. Pastel Blanc PLF4252 Click Lock Vinyl Mixing in the grey with the classic brown, and the hints of dark tones leave a lot of room to manoeuvre in terms of room designs.

4. The rustic vinyl

Rustic more than anything else, Bronzed Urbane shows how a state-of-the-art engineered wood effect vinyl flooring can work seamlessly with classic or vintage homes. Bronzed Urbane PLF4258 Click Lock Vinyl Plank Contrasting with bold colours on the walls, and matching with furnishing or ceiling can expand the space and give it the familiar authority of old family houses.

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring Ideas For Business

1. Dark vinyl for foyer

A darker tone ideal for service businesses like beauty salons, massage parlours, or why not even clubs or bars.

Silvery Clay PLF4262 Vinyl Plank Flooring

Remember, vinyl wood flooring IS resistant to spoilage and can handle large amounts of feet on it.

2. Blanched Carbon

Regardless of the type of business - Blanched Carbon vinyl wood flooring will demonstrate loudly that you mean business. Blanched Carbon PLF4264 Luxury Vinyl Plank Corporate, digital agency, or a family company, the neutral, understated grey design can match the tone of any working enterprise. Relinquish the old ideas that wooden flooring just isn't quite possible for two types of rooms in houses - bathrooms and kitchens. Bring the ambient warmth to these often avoided spaces while keeping the needed reliability of stone and ceramic tiles. The wood effect vinyl flooring has the potential to change an improve any space, working or living, there are designs that fit any project. ORDER FREE SAMPLES
Pastel Blanc PLF4252
Warm Hessian PLF4256
Pastel Blanc PLF4252
Bronzed Urbane PLF4258
Blanched Carbon PLF4264

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