Living Room Carpets that Look Amazing on Wooden Floors

July 06, 2020 4 min read

Living Room Carpets that Look Amazing on Wooden Floors

Winter-time is a season for cosying up inside, getting the secure feeling of warmth that makes a home, and it's not only achieved with cranking up the heating and piling up on blankets. While wooden flooring is warmer and more welcoming than stone tiles, living room carpets can additionally increase the warmth of a room, literally and visually. Proper carpet in the living room will bring the family together easier with increased inviting cushiness in the area and allow the parents to be at ease when their small children are running amok. Parties or similar gatherings will automatically become less formal, and the carpet becomes additional seating for the most laid-back affairs. There is no doubt that a living room carpet can transform a room easily, but there are things to consider and get right.

How to Choose a Living Room Carpet?

A win-win aspect of a carpet is that it is easily removable/changeable, but even little insight will make the choices easier and satisfactory. Size is overlooked quite a bit, but there is a simple rule to follow. Carpet in the living room sizes up towards other key pieces of furniture. The legs of sofas, armchairs, and tables should either be on the carpet completely, off the carpet completely or 50/50 per piece of furniture. There should never be an odd leg that is alone on the wood. Parents of small children and pet owners should take their smaller roommates when buying a carpet. Thicker carpeting will make the living room a softer, safer area for kids, but we all know messy things get inside a house with youngsters, so a darker colour might be a better choice. On the other hand, dog hair colour will be easily visible on the contrasting coloured carpets, and yet paws can seriously dirty up lighter carpets after walks. As it comes to the material, for carpets that don't go wall-to-wall, wool should be the primary choice. Although synthetic materials like nylon are easier to clean and are usually combined with wool. These are the main points when selecting a living room carpet, but design can still be creative and impactful despite following the mentioned guidelines.

Living Room Carpets That go Along Dark Wooden Floors

1. Contrasting the dark floor

Contrasting is a bolder move in interior design, and this carpet proves one can be daring with a simple carpet. The simplicity adds to the rustic feel of the room along with the dark wooden flooring, but it can easily be balanced with a more modern couch.
Use Carpet To Complement Your Real Wood FlooringYou can combine Chocolate Oak floorwith a white carpet Photo:

2. Bring colour to your room

Darker wooden flooring does tend to look stern, and a way to mitigate that is with a modern, flashier colour pattern of a carpet. Design with multiple colours glues the carpet with the flooring and the room, while still presenting a usual choice.
Colorful living room carpet best for wood flooring planksKahrs Oak Lava would go perfectly with a colourful carpet Photo:

3. Fluffy to contrast the dark

The best way of mitigating the dark colours of the floor and the sense of strictness they can bring is with a fluffier carpet of a contrasting shade. It's one of the living room carpet ideas that will make people prefer sitting on the floor rather than the couch.
Living room carpet for wood floor planksKahrs Oak Nouveau Charcoal would get a warmer feel with a fuzzy carpet (Photo:

4. Match carpet with furniture

Living room carpet colours can be matched with the colour of the floor, but also with the colour of the walls and furniture. Light carpets give the place spacious quality and brighten up the room.
Living room geometric carpet to complement your wood flooringKahrs Oak Nouveau Black floor loves grey Photo:

Living Room Carpets That go Along Light Wooden Floors

1. Patterned carpet, better mood

Lighter-coloured flooring can be deemed as somewhat dull, and a perfect way to combat that feeling is with a brash carpet pattern. It can be achieved without colour flamboyance if the variety is unique enough.
Patterned living room carpet for wide plank flooring Your Pastel Blanc Glue Down floor can be completed with a patterned carpet Photo:

2. Carpets that blend in

Not everyone wants to change the living room design and feel with the introduction of a carpet. Some carpets can be blended in the area perfectly and it can provide the room with a calming flow.
Beige living room carpet for wood floors

3. "Break" a room with a smaller rug

Evoking the rustic feel while remaining unique and artistic can be done with a shading pattern of unintrusive colour. Smaller rugs can additionally break up a light room which can sometimes be strenuous to the eyes.
Living room carpet ideas - small rugAsh Alabaster Floor for a light room with two carpets Photo:

4. Vivid colours for a light room

Another way of making lighter, natural wooden flooring more exciting is with vivid living room carpet colours. A modern design in its pattern and colour scheme works by matching the carpet's secondary colour to the key piece of furniture.
Living room rug on rustic engineered floorFor a Kahrs Oak Johan floor choose a colourful rug Photo:
These living room carpets ideas are secure options for changing up things in your home and can add another, cosier sense to winter. GET INSPIRED ON OUR BLOG

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