10 Shed Decor Ideas

July 06, 2020 6 min read

10 Shed Decor Ideas Where You Can Use Wood Flooring Planks

A wooden shed at the back of your garden wouldn’t be such a bad idea to use as storage you say, but what if we told you the latest trend has been to convert it into an attractive, livable space.
Make the most of your garden shed with wood flooring planksWood flooring planks for your garden shed
Image: Unsplash The most important element to designing your shed is its base. This is a firm layer beneath your shed that should be strong and level, otherwise your shed will be unstable. Some bases for you to think about are a timber base, a plastic base, a paved base or a concrete base. If concrete sounds like the best option for you, click: ehow Due to our ever changing climate, a good idea would be to understand what type of shed flooring is best suited to you, your shed and your garden. Engineered wood flooring is your best option. It doesn’t expand when struck by a certain temperature or moisture and the way it’s constructed in layers of plywood bonded together result in a durable floor that can be passed off as solid wood. The floor can now function as the neutral base to a room full of possibilities.

10 ideas to turn your wooden floor garden sheds into an attractive, usable space.

Workshop If it’s a workshop you want, think about the size of your shed and what is realistically possible. From here, you can design a workbench where all of your creations and mends happen that is strong enough to hold and survive extraneous and hardcore operations. You’ll need a space for all of your tools. Many workshops feature heavily with pegboards. This is a place where you can hang all your important tools and the ones that are most easiest to grab when necessary. Also, electrical sockets will need to be installed so that your machinery can be plugged in.
Follow our advice to turn your garden shed into something impressive
Image: Pexels


Have you got an unnecessary pile up of books in your house and simply can't find anywhere to put them all? The construction of a library in your shed might be the most comforting place to go to relax and read. First, fill the entire wall space around you with wooden shelving, assuming your shed is empty. Then pile on the books, categorising them however you want. Now you can start decorating. Begin by placing a comfortable chair and decorate with a selection of soft cushions. Shed floors are good to decorate on with a rug or large cushions. You want the interior to feel homely. Even more creative and exciting (if you have space for a window), is a window seat. This comfortable seating area can double as storage and lets you look outside whilst reading.
Use wood to create wooden shelving for your home library
Image: Unsplash If you want to build your own shelves, click here: ehow

Model Train Room

If collecting train sets and models is for you and you have a shed calling out for some attention, then a model train room might just be for you. Whether you are just a collector or this idea has somehow intrigued you, then the first thing you’ll need for your model train room is a very large, sturdy wooden table. Typically placed into the centre of the room so that you can walk around and amend. You’ll need a way to keep it warm and we recommend insulation in the walls and wooden floors. Most importantly, for your trains to operate, you’ll need to wire in some electricity so that your train can move! Image: Unsplash
Build a modern model train room with wood planks


A shed can become a splendid place for some peace and quiet. Especially useful if you work from home. With both work and home being within metres of each other, you will be able to balance both lives easily. Need to take important business calls, or are working up to a deadline? Converting your shed into an office turns it into your professional space. Of course no office comes without its gadgets so be sure to hook up the electricity for your laptop and other electricals. Since we live in a technological age, WIFI enables us the opportunity to use the internet metres from our homes. Go ahead and add a mini fridge, a fan for the summer, a heater for the winter, maybe a massage chair? Image: Unsplash
Turn your shed into a home office


Ever wanted to own your own gym but haven’t got any space for one? An empty, unused shed becomes the perfect place. Gym equipment can be heavy, so you’ll need to have a strong base. A concrete foundation is advisable and can be covered with engineered wood floors. Rubber mats beneath heavy equipment helps with insulation and protects your floors from scratches. Once again, insulation to keep warm in the winter and electricity so that your machinery can work are very important. Storage space can always be useful for fresh towels, water and smaller gym equipment. Make yourself comfortable. This is now your gym so decorate with a wall clock so you can time yourself and maybe even a television for video workouts or just to watch something interesting while you run. Image: unsplash
Cover your home gym with engineered wood planks


This would be a relaxing way to relieve stress, cleanse your skin, burn calories and loosen up muscles. All of this can be achieved if you convert your shed into an outdoor sauna. In order to convert your shed you’ll need to use fiberglass insulation in the walls and the ceilings and acts as a waterproof substance. Use cedar wood panels to fit around the shed space and with an addition of an air tight door you’re almost there. Heat has to be generated in order for you to get the sauna experience. You can use an electric sauna stove that use stones which are heated up. Then as per typical sauna technique, you sprinkle water on these stones to create the steam and raise temperatures. If you wanted a wood burning sauna stove, you would gain a special aroma, making the experience even more special. Image: Pixabay
Use wood planks to convert your shed into an outdoor sauna
For more ideas on how to make your own sauna, follow the link: ehow

Log Cabin

When winter comes and you end up spending your time inside, cuddling the radiator, there is somewhere else you could be. How about decorating your garden shed and turning it into a log cabin, somewhere you wouldn’t mind being in the winter. Picture yourself in the Swiss alps, sitting in front of a hot fire, surrounded by timber, nature themed, shed decor. Indeed, to form your own log cabin style shed, you’ll need insulation. But this isn’t the only way you can gain a sense of warmth in the winter. We recommend a small wood burning stove, especially if your shed is a small space. This builds a certain atmosphere, warmth and comfort. To further increase this atmosphere, you can choose pine or birch furniture to give a rustic feel to the space. Add leather couches and decorate with throws and pillows that add warmth, colour and texture. To complete the picturesque cabin feel, install faux wooden beams to create the appearance of being in an authentic log cabin. Image: Pixabay
Turn your garden shed into a log cabin with wood flooring planks
For other ideas of how to decorate your log cabin, visit: ehow

Summer House

The perfect addition to any garden during the summer is a summer house. You can turn an ordinary wooden floor shed into a delightful place that you will want to spend your summer days in. If you have a shed with double doors, open them up and allow the space to mix into the surrounding garden. Hold the doors open with plant pots. Decorate the outside with wooden flower beds and plant various flowers adding a touch of colour. Inside, furnish with patio chairs and bright coloured cushions. Possibly add a veranda with wooden decking. This would be the perfect place to take breaks whilst gardening, sunbathing, or why not build a picnic bench to enjoy meals outside. Image: Unsplash
Turn Your Wood Flooring Into An Outdoor Bench
For an idea of how to make your own flower bed made of wood, visit: ehow


A popular shed development these days is the pub shed. If you want to construct the perfect place to relax with friends, then this is it. The great thing about building a bar from scratch is that you can choose your own theme. Do you want it classy and sophisticated? Or traditional British style? Or returning to our log cabin theme, a cosy chalet pub? All you’d need to concoct this creation is a bar filled with drinks, making sure you keep every customer happy, convenient glassware and barstools. But to finish off the entire feel you want to achieve, you need to design your own wooden sign. Image: Unsplash
Wood Is Ideal For Pub and Restaurant Interiors
If you want an idea of how to make your own decorate wooden sign, click: ehow


If you decide that perhaps none of the ideas above are for you, then the least you could do is give your shed a little life. Don’t leave it rotting away at the back of the garden. A lick of paint could brighten up your entire garden and make it attractive to look at. Why not paint a mural on it? There are many beautiful designs you could come up with that will give your shed that unique edge and turn a mundane garden into a decorated paradise. Image: unsplash
Art With Wood PlanksWood Planks Contemporary Art
To learn more about painting a mural on a shed, click: ehow ORDER FREE FLOORING SAMPLES FOR YOUR SHED

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