Rise and Shine! Make Your Floors Sparkle

May 06, 2019 3 min read

Cleaning Techniques That Will Make Your Solid and Engineered Wood Floors Sparkle

Even though homes should always be clean, there are special times of the year when the cleanliness of the house, and especially the floors, is absolutely necessary. Hosting get-togethers, throwing birthday parties, and holidays all fill out the living space and when the chairs get settled, the floor becomes the accommodator. The wooden boards are also the default seating destination around Christmas when presents are opened by pyjamas-wearing children and toys get tested out in the 'field'. The main reason some boards remain untidied - besides the 'I'll do it tomorrow syndrome' - is the lack of sure knowledge on how to do it properly and what is a great wood floor cleaner. You just have to avoid some things when you start with the shining process.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Wood Floors?

Before any wood floor cleaner can be applied, bigger pieces of dirt need to be removed. That's either done by sweeping with a broom - which is a slightly more strenuous chore, or by vacuuming. Using a vacuum cleaner is the go-to move for most of us, but hardwood floor owners need to consider what kind of a vacuum cleaner head they are using.
Wooden floor vacuuming techniques When vacuuming, use the softly padded head (Photo: Pixabay)
Using a brush roll may leave marks on the flooring, so a softly padded head is needed - luckily, most modern vacuums come with multiple choices. Read the labels. Products used for stone and tiles can be deadly to wood and abrasive reactions happen quickly. Additionally, not all wood floor cleaners are created equal and some may be only tolerable for synthetic vinyl flooring. Oil-based cleaners and fax can dull the finishing design of your hardwood floors, making them age faster, and should be avoided. When cleaning with a mop make sure not to leave any water on the flooring, as it can cause the wood to shift in size.

What is the Best Wood Floor Cleaner?

Don't obsess with finding the best wood floor cleaner as this too can become an excuse not to clean regularly, which should be a priority. Focus on the smell of the product and whether it makes you feel like the home is fresher, as that in itself will become a reward for doing the work. For the most indecisive ones, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is valued here and across the pond, Pledge Floor Care Squirt & Mop represents a cheaper option.

How Do I Clean Hardwood Floors Naturally?

Many are hesitant to repeatedly cover such a natural material like wood with the heavy chemicals that are wooden floor cleaning products. Or they simply don't enjoy the industrial smell. There are several options for homeowners looking for a natural remedy to make your home the one place where the five-second rule can be shamelessly accepted.
Wood floor cleaner can also be vinegarYou can clean with water, diluted vinegar or tea (Photo: Pixabay)
As for mostly any in-house cleaning, vinegar can be utilized for cleaning hardwood floors. The dilution is important here and a half of cup of vinegar needs to be combined with a gallon of warm water. Then dampen the mop or the cloth with the mix and give the base of your home a natural shine. But even heavily-diluted vinegar isn't the best smell. Tea is. Put several tea bags into warm water and use the bucket-tea as a cleaning product that will bathe the house with your favourite smell. The most basic out of all natural ways is simple water which can still do plenty with the right mop and commitment. Enjoy the upcoming gatherings without your gaze constantly wandering off to the dusty patches around your rooms. Now you know it's no science and that a good wood floor cleaner is always available. CLEAN EASILY WITH THIS SPRAY MOP

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