How Much Do Hardwood Floors Cost (& Why)

July 06, 2020 6 min read

Find Out What Is the Cost Of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is incredibly popular, but it doesn't come cheap! Read on to see why solid wood flooring is the investment your home needs this season. More and more homes are turning to hardwood despite the cost. If you’re thinking of making some improvements to your home in the new year, choosing hardwood floors is the smart choice for an extraordinary new look. Unlike carpets, which are easily jampacked with notorious allergens, hardwood flooring is easy to clean and maintain, as well as truly enhancing the look of your home. There are many types to choose from, in various styles and at different cost levels, ranging from the timeless beauty and durability of solid hardwood to the limitless designs and easy DIY of vinyl plank flooring. That doesn’t detract from the fact that hardwood floors are more expensive than their competitors, mainly due to the cost of high-quality materials and the longevity of the boards themselves. You may also need to pay a laborer to install your floors for you. Still, hardwood floors remain one of the most popular floor types. Here are five reasons why your new hardwood floors might cost more than the alternatives.

Hardwood Floors Will Help Sell Your Home

Few floors types are thought to give a return on an investment quite like solid hardwood floors. While unconfirmed, studies have claimed that buyers are willing to pay extra for homes that have hardwood floors rather than carpet; USA Today suggests that 54% of new homeowners would be willing to purchase above the asking price for the peace of mind that comes with luxury, hard-wearing floors. It is important to remember that a return is not a guarantee – what you can expect is that your home will photograph beautifully, generally leading to an increase in potential buyers that results in a quicker sale. When hardwood floors are understood to be an investment, this points more to the fact that they last far longer than other floor types, stand up to daily wear and tear, and can be sanded down and re-finished multiple times. These high-quality floors might start out more expensive but in the long run they should save you money. So if you’re thinking of selling your home in the next few years, then solid hardwood flooring is definitely worth considering. However, if you are redecorating specifically for sale or want something more cost-effective and DIY appropriate, then we recommend luxury vinyl plank flooring, which will give you elegant new floors that look great but won’t cost as much as solid hardwood. Junckers Solid Wood Flooring

Hardwood Floors are More Durable Than Carpets

While carpets are still a popular floor type, and likely to be far cheaper than hardwood floors, they also come with lots of disadvantages. Most importantly, carpet just doesn’t have the same powerful impact as hardwood, particular in communal areas; this stifles the room, rather than warmly opening up the space. Carpet is also much less durable than hardwood, needing to be replaced at least once a decade, and is a renewal necessity if you plan to sell. Stains are difficult to remove and sunlight will quickly change the colour of carpet, glaringly visible when furniture is moved. One of the main reasons why hardwood floors are worth the cost (when compared to carpets specifically) is due to hygiene – it’s almost impossible to fully clean carpets, even with a good vacuum cleaner. Dirt will build up under the carpet surface, often leading to allergies. Even the most well taken care of carpets are magnets for dust mites and allergens, making carpet off limits for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Hardwood Floors May Need to Be Professionally Installed

The type of hardwood floors you choose will decide whether you need someone to help you to install them. Solid hardwood flooring is generally laid down by a builder or local carpenter. This isn’t always because it’s a challenge but due to the amount of time that it takes to do properly, as well as the purchase of specific tools just for this project. If you want flawless new solid hardwood floors without any hassle, professional is the way to go. If you’d prefer not to pay extra for labour costs then selecting floors suitable for DIY is the way to go. Luxury vinyl plank flooring has been created with first time buyers in mind. Affordable and incredibly easy to instal, this is a great floor to use as your first DIY project as it can be completed in an afternoon. Vinyl plank flooring is prone to scratches, however, and won’t last anywhere near as long as solid hardwood, but it does mimic the look of quality wood flooring. For a happy medium, consider engineered wood floors. These are less expensive than solid hardwood and simpler to instal, but retain elements of hardwood longevity due to the layer of authentic wood on top. Engineered wood is made up of this wood upperlayer and further layers of plywood, keeping boards strong but with a beautiful finish. Many even find it hard to tell the difference between both types!

Hardwood Floors Need a Pet-Proof Finish

Busy household always need more upkeep, and pets (like young children) will likely make things a little messier. One of the best ways to stop cats and dogs from drastically affecting your floors is with a wood finish. Go for a tough finish that will be harder to scratch or wear through, or use multiple coats on your floors to give them the strongest protection. You can also keep some polyurethane in the house to top up unsightly scratches. If you happen to have beloved dogs, you’ll need to maintain your hardwood floors to keep them looking brand new and untouched for longer. Do this with strategically-placed rugs, welcome mats at every outdoor entrance, and making sure your pet is well housetrained to avoid any incidents. While long nails are sure to scratch your veneer as your pooch skids across the floor (be sure to get those regularly clipped!) and moisture might seep in and make unfortunate stains, this will significantly reduce the damage.

Hardwood Floors Make a Spectacular First Impression

If you’re looking for the wow factor, solid hardwood floors are a must. Hardwood floors are warm and inviting, helping a room feel instantly more like a home. They’re long-lasting and bursting with character, with a distinctive natural beauty. There’s nothing quite like the look or smell of authentic hardwood. These floors will last the test of time and do so with effortless charm, resulting in a mature, even appealing, distressed finish. Most importantly, solid hardwood is a floor you can trust, as society has done so for centuries. The first thing that people look at when they enter your home are not your furnishings, or your walls, or even the view (no matter how awe-inspiring): they examine what floors you’ve chosen to complement your home. This is the time to make a statement. If solid hardwood is not to your taste (too expensive, difficult to install, looking for floors for a moisture-heavy environment) then there are other excellent alternatives.

Engineered Wood Floors

Looking for new wood floors that will suit underfloor heating? Go for engineered wood, which has a real wood upper-layer while retaining further stability. Need floors that you can DIY for a fraction of the cost? Vinyl plank flooring still embodies luxury without the price tag, and can be laid down by absolute beginners in a short afternoon. Want stylish floors that are par from the norm? Showcase your creativity with high-end parquet flooring for tip-to-toe design. Hardwood floors might be more expensive than other floor types but they’re worth the cost. They’ll last longer, look better as they age, and are easy to take care of on an everyday basis. There’s a hardwood floor for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for. Our online catalogue has a multitude of styles and designs in lots of wood species, ideal for all homes. Start off the new year right with beautiful new floors, and see how much you can improve your interior atmosphere. FIND YOUR NEW FLOORS, ORDER FREE SAMPLES
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